Businesses of all sizes handle confidential information, from personal client records to company account numbers and more. It is your responsibility to protect this information and safely destroy all files and documents when they’re no longer needed. For businesses in Slidell who are in need of secure document destruction, a paper shredding company you can trust is just around the corner! Secure Shredding & Recycling helps ensure that your confidential records don’t fall into the wrong hands. But did you know we offer more than just document shredding? Here are four facts that you may not know about our shredding processes and services. 

4 Facts To Know About Our Paper Shredding Company | Slidell

1. We Cross-Cut Documents By Industry Standards

Not all shredders are created equal. Traditional office and at-home shredders often use strip-cutting technology for document destruction. As the name would suggest, these shredders cut your papers into long, vertical strips. While this does help to offer security for your private information, you can take this a step further with cross-cut shredding. At Secure Shredding & Recycling, we cross-cut all documents following industry standards. We observe HIPAA requirements, local legalities, and standards set by the National Association of Information Destruction. Our shredders cut papers lengthwise and widthwise for thorough information destruction before being recycled at our facility. This ensures that nothing is legible at the end.

2. We Provide Locking Containers for Your Documents

It’s important to keep your information secure even after you’ve thrown it away. Unfortunately, dumpster divers, customers, and even employees can take documents out of your trash. If confidential company or customer information is leaked, you could face severe legal consequences. 

Our paper shredding company in Slidell keeps your documents safe with locking trash containers! Our secure shredding containers are available in a variety of sizes for occasional shredding or large-scale document destruction. Consult with our experts to find the right size for your business. Then, fill up your containers before your scheduled shredding. We’ll gather your documents and transport them to our facility, or we can shred your documents on-site with our mobile shredding truck.

3. We Handle More Than Just Document Destruction

You may only think of paper document destruction when you think of shredding services. But at Secure Shredding & Recycling, we also dispose of hard drives, laser disks, and other hardware. Electronic devices store sensitive information from passwords to account numbers. Even after deleting files from your computer, your information may not have been wiped from the device. This poses the risk of a data breach. With hard drive destruction, our paper shredding company can help ensure that your information is thoroughly destroyed in a safe environment. Send us your hard drives, magnetic media, tapes, and more for destruction and recycling!

4. We Provide a Certification of Destruction After Your Scheduled Shredding

You should feel confident that your information has been destroyed. And to give you complete peace of mind, our paper company in Slidell provides you with a certificate following your scheduled shredding appointment. Our process begins by assessing the number of documents you have to shred. After we finish your on-site or off-site shredding, we take the cross-cut material to our facility for recycling. We then provide you with a Certificate of Destruction for confirmation. Following shredding, your documents are safe from data breaches. If your information is compromised, you can pinpoint that the breach occurred before your documents were shredded.

Work With Our Paper Shredding Company in Slidell!

When you need to dispose of sensitive information, partner with a company you can rely on. Reach out to Secure Shredding & Recycling, your trusted paper shredding company in Slidell! Give us a call at 985-869-7070 to discuss solutions for document and hard drive destruction. You can also send us a message through our website. We’ll help determine the right services and shredding containers for your needs. Then we can schedule convenient shredding services to make sure that your records remain confidential.

How can you make sure your Orlando business’s information is protected? With the help of Secure Shredding & Recycling, we can quickly and efficiently shred your confidential documents with on-site shredding technology. But why should you choose on-site shredding over traditional shredders? Take a look at three benefits our local shredding company in Orlando can deliver with this type of data destruction.

Cross-Cut Shredding from a Local Shredding Company | Orlando

1. On-Site Shredding Offers Additional Security

No matter your business, you very likely have printed documents lying around containing some form of personal information. This could be employee records, patient information, legal documents, payroll forms, and more. To protect your company and client information, these papers must be carefully disposed of. But simply throwing them in the trash is not your best option. A strip-cutting paper shredder is the next step up, but these long strips can still leave room for information breaches. Let our local shredding company in Orlando securely destroy your documents with on-site shredding! This method of shredding follows standards set by the National Association of Information Destruction to ensure that your sensitive information remains confidential.

2. On-Site Shredding Takes Up Less Space

Think about a traditional shredder. These machines typically cut documents into long, vertical strips. With on-site shredding, the shredder’s blades move both vertically and horizontally to slice in both directions. This provides more thorough document destruction, and these smaller shreds also take up much less space than larger shredded strips. When you choose a local shredding company, like Secure Shredding & Recycling in Orlando, you won’t even have to worry about storing and disposing of your paper shreds. Simply store your documents in our secure shredding containers until it’s time for your scheduled shredding. Bring these out to our mobile shredding truck and watch as your confidential documents are shred to perfection.

3. On-Site Shredding Through a Local Shredding Company in Orlando Saves You Time

If your company only stores a few sensitive documents, shredding your papers may not pose an issue. But for businesses like law firms and hospitals, you may find yourself surrounded by stacks of papers in need of shredding. While you could sit and shred each file by hand—which can take several hours—why not speed up the process? With professional shredding services from a trustworthy local shredding company, you can take care of these stacks in bulk, saving your Orlando business time and efficiency. Set up an on-site or off-site shredding appointment with our business, and we’ll take care of shredding each document perfectly. Once we’re finished, we’ll hand you a certificate of destruction for your records before recycling the leftover shreds.

Choose Your Most Secure Option

If you’re business needs shredding services, choose the local shredding company that can shred each of your documents on-site in Orlando! Secure Shredding and Recycling offers a variety of services to meet your business’s needs, from one-time shredding to on-going services. Send us a message or give us a call at 337-508-0990 today to speak with one of our experts. We’ll help you determine the best services for you and help you take the right steps towards document and data destruction.