Should I Trust a Corporate Shredding Company?

Regardless of the industry, all companies have confidential documents creating security threats the longer they go without proper disposal. Unfortunately, the process of securely disposing of documents can be tedious and time-consuming. Many companies cannot afford to spend valuable time on these tasks. Hiring a corporate shredding company can help alleviate this issue, but some companies are reluctant to hire corporate shredding companies. Trusting another company with your confidential documents can feel anxiety-inducing. They wonder if they can trust a shredding company. Learn why you can trust a corporate shredding company with Secure Shredding.

Regulations You Can Trust

 Learn why you can trust a corporate shredding company with Secure Shredding.

For an industry with the possibility of creating security risks as quickly as corporate shredding without the proper procedures, there must be a standard expectation established by rules and regulations for shredding companies to adhere to. While a company may talk about its extensive security processes, the reality might be the opposite. Luckily, shredding companies follow plenty of certifications and regulations to give their customers peace of mind.


Most companies are NAID-certified. NAID certification is a voluntary program for shredding companies by the National Association of Information Destruction. To qualify for NAID certification, a business must meet the strict standards established by the NAID. They must also maintain those standards every day to ensure they pass any unannounced audits. They will gain a AAA score if they receive a passing grade on all requirements. 


Businesses who bring their destruction needs to a AAA Naid Certified corporate shredding company can depend on these standards to protect their confidential data. These requirements strictly hold shredding companies to all laws and industry regulations on data destruction, from processes and disposal to standards for potential staff. So, when you see a company that is AAA NAID certified, like Secure Shredding, you can trust that they will treat your document destruction with the highest security standard. 


CSDS Certification

Another certification shredding companies can acquire from NAID is CSDS,—The Certified Secure Destruction Specialist® (CSDS®) accreditation. Only professionals with a high degree of expertise earn this title. They must experienced in data destruction operations, regulatory compliance, information security, and risk management. This is tested by an extremely extensive exam that verifies their expertise and willingness to keep up-to-date on these subject matters by earning mandatory Continuous Education Units (CEU). Since CSDS requires ongoing training, companies who work with a CSDS-certified destruction specialist can feel confident they are receiving the most advanced process of professional data destruction. 


Secure Shredding is the only corporate shredding company in Baton Rouge with a CSDS specialist. In fact, we are the only corporate shredding company in Louisiana with a CSDS specialist on our staff. 

Are You Looking for a Corporate Shredding Company in Baton Rouge?

If you are looking for a corporate shredding company to handle your data destruction in Baton Rouge, look no further than Secure Shredding. We offer on-site and off-site destruction services for your convenience. If you have any questions, please call us at (225) 751-8535 or send us a message online. We look forward to hearing from you.