Why Should You Use a Data Destruction Company?

In an age of rising cyberattacks, digital scams, and data breaches, the need for information protection is imperative. A loss of confidential information from paper documents and electronic media can lead to massive financial damage, identity theft, and the exposure of private company data. And if this breach includes client information, these damages can spread to your clients, customers, and patients as well. A data destruction company like Secure Shredding & Recycling in Baton Rouge can help prevent these losses! Learn the many ways that professional shredding services can benefit your company.

Shredding Documents Keeps Your Data Secure

A data destruction company like Secure Shredding & Recycling in Baton Rouge can help prevent losses!

You may be wondering whether or not your company should partner with a data destruction company. Data destruction refers to the secure elimination of hard copy documents and digital files stored on hard drives, disk drives, and electronic media. Businesses large and small transcribe sensitive information on paper and digital files. This may include client contacts, financial accounts, or confidential medical or law-related data. When deleting or throwing away these documents, they must be disposed of in a way where this information cannot be recovered. If it is accessible after being thrown away, this may increase the risk of a data breach.


Rather than leaving the safety of your information to chance, ensure data security with destruction services from Secure Shredding & Recycling. Our experts use cutting-edge technology to ensure that both paper documents and electronic devices are thoroughly destroyed so that your information remains confidential. Choose shredding services at a frequency that fits your business’s needs, and we can handle the rest!

Data Destruction Establishes Trust With Clients

Since your data may include information pertaining not only to your company but also to your clients, choosing to work with a data destruction company in Baton Rouge can also protect your professional reputation. If you experience a data breach due to stolen documents or improper data destruction, this could put your client’s personal information in danger. That’s why professional destruction services don’t just keep your information safe. This also shows that your company is dedicated to securing your clients’ sensitive information. Establish the trustworthiness of your company and your commitment to client confidentiality by partnering with a data destruction company. 

Recycling Electronic Equipment Is an Environmentally-Friendly Option

The benefits of data destruction don’t stop with securing your personal information. Within the last decade, e-waste volumes have grown exponentially with 53.6 million metric tons generated in 2019 alone. This waste is left in landfills where chemicals from these plastics seep into the air and soil. And while this waste negatively affects the environment, it can also contribute to severe health effects for those living in the surrounding areas. So, your business can help to decrease this impact with hard drive destruction from Secure Shredding & Recycling!


Once you have wiped your electronic media and sent your paper documents for shredding at our data destruction company, we recycle what is left. Not only does this ensure that your data is unrecoverable, but it also offers an eco-friendly solution to waste. Our company strives to keep plastic waste out of landfills and conserve our forests through ethical paper recycling. By partnering with our business, you can share in doing your part to reduce the impact of environmental waste. And after your data destruction is complete, we provide you with a Certificate of Destruction for your records. Afterwards, we proceed with recycling.

Connect With a Data Destruction Company in Baton Rouge

If you’re ready to take the first steps towards protecting company data, securing confidential client information, and helping reduce the environmental impact of e-waste, Secure Shredding & Recycling is prepared to help you find the right solutions. Our data destruction company in Baton Rouge offers hard drive destruction and a variety of document shredding services. Let us stop by your office for mobile shredding services brought right to your door. Or, we can pick up your documents and electronic media for off-site shredding at our secure facility. And our services don’t stop there.


To learn more about data destruction and how to implement these services in your Baton Rouge business—give us a call at 225-751-8535, or send us a message with your questions. Secure Shredding & Recycling also serves cities throughout the South. Make sure to reach out to the branch nearest you