How a Document Destruction Company in Jacksonville Can Prevent a Data Breach

Data breaches can be severely damaging to your company. And these aren’t just caused by hacking or phishing of digital files. Printed documents and files saved on hard drives can be as vulnerable to breaches as online information, especially when they aren’t safely disposed of! But with the help of Secure Shredding and Recycling, your sensitive information can be thoroughly and securely destroyed. Learn more about how our document destruction company in Jacksonville can protect your business from dangerous data breaches.

How a Document Destruction Company Prevents Data Breaches

How Can Data Breaches Occur?

There are several ways that confidential information can be leaked within a company. This is especially simple with paper documentation. From signed documents to digital printouts and even post-it notes, these papers can house sensitive information like signatures, account numbers, or other confidential knowledge. Since proper disposal practices are not regularly taught internally, companies may put documents into the trash instead of securely destroying them. Simply throwing these documents away may open up space in your office, but this also leaves your documents vulnerable to theft.

Even if your documents are housed in hard drives, jump drives, or disks, your information may still be at risk. Information stored on these discs and drives, especially unencrypted files, can easily be shared by being plugged into another computer and transferred to the new device. And even if you erase files from these hard drives, this does not guarantee that your data is not still stored on the device. If these fall into the wrong hands, this can hurt your company’s reputation, your finances, or even lead to legal actions against you. This is why secure disposal of both paper documents and hard drives is essential for the safety of your business.

How Can a Professional Document Destruction Company in Jacksonville Make a Difference?

Secure Shredding and Recycling provides your company with fast, convenient, and safe solutions for document disposal. With on- and off-site destruction services, you can rest assured that your confidential information remains secure! Our document destruction company in Jacksonville collects your paper documents in secure bins. During your scheduled pick-up appointment, we bring our state-of-the-art mobile shredding trucks to your business. Bring out your papers and transfer them to our mobile shredding bin. This is then emptied into our truck where your documents are cross-cut to ensure destruction. 

If you opt for off-site disposal, we will transfer your documents to our secure facility for shredding. Or if you prefer to drop off your files personally, you can schedule an appointment time with us. Once your papers have been disposed of and you have received a certificate of destruction, we recycle your paper shreds without breach of information. In addition to your paper documents, we can collect your electronic media devices and destroy your electronic data at our facility. You can be sure that your data is unrecoverable and protect your business from fines or legal issues.

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