What Is E-Waste Recycling and How Does It Help Businesses?

In many ways, today’s technology has made businesses more agile and productive than ever. Instead of flying to another state for a face-to-face meeting, video conferencing services now help clients and businesses connect more conveniently than ever in High-Defintion. In the same way, modern hard drives can store huge volumes of data for fast, easy access. But, with all of this rapid progress, it’s only natural that some technology will get left behind. And as old, out-of-use hard drives, monitors, printers, laptops, and other devices pile up, the question then becomes: what should be done with them? The answer to that question is e-waste recycling. 

What Is E-Waste Recycling? | Secure Shredding & Recycling

This process can take the components of electronic devices and safely salvage them to create new products. Learn more about the professional e-waste recycling services you can find with Secure Shredding & Recycling. And find out how e-waste recycling can be the sustainable choice when it comes to outdated or damaged electronic devices.

What Is E-Waste Recycling?

Similar to other popular forms of recycling, e-waste recycling is the process of breaking down products to convert them into materials that can then create new products. However, e-waste recycling focuses specifically on items that are considered “electronic waste.” Many homes and offices are filled with electronic devices that will ultimately become e-waste at the end of their lifespans. These devices can include:

  • Computers
  • Laptops
  • Tablets
  • Smartphones
  • Computer monitors
  • Televisions
  • Hard drives
  • Servers
  • Printers
  • Fax machines
  • And others

While e-waste makes up approximately 2% of landfill waste, it is responsible for nearly 70% of overall toxic waste. As companies grow toward a more sustainable and environmentally conscious future, recycling will play a key role in these efforts. 

E-waste recycling services can take devices that might otherwise end up in landfills, securely break them down, and prepare the remaining materials to be used to create new products. Not only is this a less-wasteful solution. It can also prevent some of the toxic materials contained in these products from contaminating the environment.

Why Your Company Should Choose Secure Shredding & Recycling for Its E-Waste Recycling Needs

Many electronic devices keep all kinds of sensitive data stored internally, from Word documents and Excel spreadsheets to passwords, images, and metadata. And, even when you think the data has been deleted, it can often be accessed through other means if it falls into the wrong hands. 

Other e-waste recycling companies may take these devices, attempt to wipe the information from them, and then resell them to others. But, if the information still exists on the device, it’s likely accessible to others. However, our approach is designed first and foremost with your company’s interests in mind. 

Secure Shredding & Recycling can take your electronic devices, thoroughly destroy them and any data they may contain, and then recycle their materials so they can be used to create new products. This helps you eliminate waste and potential liability by destroying those products while also contributing to a more sustainable future. It’s the ultimate win-win when it comes to keeping your data secure and reducing environmental waste.

Safeguard Your Information and Contribute to a Greener Tomorrow With Secure Shredding & Recycling

Now that you understand more about e-waste recycling and why Secure Shredding & Recycling can be the best choice for these services, it’s time to reach out to our professionals. Call us at 225-751-8535 or contact us online to schedule an appointment. A member of our staff will be happy to help you choose the Secure Shredding & Recycling services that could suit your business’s needs best.

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