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Business owners and residents in Lake Charles need to consider whether their current set of operations and daily habits and activities are helping or harming their confidential and sensitive information from being released into the wrong hands. Regardless of size and industry, it is vital to secure sensitive and confidential information; often it is legally required.

With information theft and fraud cases on the rise, information security has never been more vital than it is in our modern age. Failing to have proper safeholds and policies in effect can make you an easy and vulnerable target. Luckily, businesses and residents in Lake Charles have access to solutions that can significantly reduce or resolve these risks. Secure Shredding & Recycling’s secure shredding services are one of the best and most effective solutions.

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Why Choose Secure Shredding & Recycling?

With AAA certification from NAID, we maintain the expertise and experience to provide services you can trust. Our team is always kept up to date on the latest changes in policy and protocol, so you can rest assured that your documents are destroyed thoroughly and that your information is protected securely. Our services are fast and efficient while maintaining amongst the highest quality. We are proud to offer services without obligating customers to long term contracts, whether they are located in Lake Charles or elsewhere.

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Select from On-site or Off-site Document Shredding

We offer secure shredding services both on and off-site. For the ultimate in security and ease, our on-site services provide you and your business with the peace of mind and flexibility to continue on confidently. Our highly trained technicians will arrive on site and collect documents for destruction quickly and quietly to minimize disruption.

For our on-site services, we maintain a fleet of trucks fitted with industrial shredding machines that can destroy documents at an astonishingly high volume and rate. We empty collected bins into the shredder, and even encourage clients to view the process as it happens in real time. The shredding itself only takes minutes to complete.

Secure Shredding and Recycling also offers off-site shredding service where our technicians will pick up documents to be destroyed at our secure shredding facility. No matter which service you choose, our team will respond in a timely and respectful manner while maintaining security of your documents before, during and after they are destroyed.

Lockable Containers & Bins Provided for Ongoing Service

For security before shredding, Security Shredding and Recycling offers a wide selection of secure shredding bins for businesses and residents in Lake Charles. Our bin selection ranges from office consoles to 96 gallon rolling bins that can be placed throughout your office as seen fit. These bins are fitted with locks so that documents are secured until it comes time to have them destroyed. No matter your needs or budget, we have a bin that will keep your data secure.

Secure Collection Containers

Customized Solutions: You Determine How Often Shredding Occurs

On-site Document Shredding in Lake Charles

  • Our mobile shred truck will arrive promptly at the time and day that was previously discussed and agreed upon
  • All bins are loaded onto the truck where shredding will take place immediately. You may watch it all occur at this time if you wish!
  • After the shredding has been completed, we present each client with certified documentation indicating compliance and security. This Certificate of Destruction should be stored safely should you require it for future reference. All shredded content is transferred and brought back to our facility for to be recycled.
Mobile Shredding Truck

Off-site Shredding in Lake Charles

  • Our mobile shred truck will arrive at the time and location that was decided on
  • The documents will be emptied into a secure shred bin and redirected out to the truck
  • The material is then transported to our off-site facility for shredding
  • You will receive a Certificate of Destruction following the destruction process

On-going Document Shredding in Lake Charles

  • Lockable containers and bins are offered at no extra cost with a regular shredding service. Know exactly where your documents are and enjoy the convenient disposal they provide to your staff. All material remains secure here until we arrive to empty them.
  • Our trained shred technicians go through thorough training and are drug-tested for the highest level of professionalism and safety.
  • You determine your shred schedule; choose from weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly service depending on your needs.
  • When you have regular shredding services in place, you don’t have to wonder or worry about the status of your documents or whether your bins are full. We take care of it all for you!

One-time Purge Document Shredding Service

  • The best option if you have an upcoming move or simply would like to do a thorough cleanout of your office space
  • An effective and secure method to clean out the old to make room for the new; get rid of those old files that are beginning to pile up and enjoy the confidence in knowing that they will be safely destroyed and totally unrecoverable
  • Open up newfound space in your office by cleaning up excess mess and overflowing documents that don’t require storage any longer

Hard Drive Destruction Services

To the surprise of many, tapes discs and hard drives require the same attention as paper documents do when it comes time to dispose of them. Simply deleting information is not enough to make it truly unrecoverable, and hard drives and disks can contain thousands of files. Having one of these fall into the hands of a determined thief can be just as detrimental, or significantly worse as if the same thing occurred with a paper document.

Secure Shredding and Recycling provides secure hard drive and e-waste destruction and recycling services in Lake Charles. Trusting us with the destruction and disposal of electronic waste gives you the peace of mind knowing that your information is secure, and that your waste is being disposed of in an environmentally friendly manner.

Hard Drive Destruction

We Destroy:

  • Tapes
  • Discs
  • Magnetic Media
  • Hard Drives

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