The Importance of Law Firm Document Shredding

As a law firm grows and gains new clients, its volume of legal documents also increases. After your client contract has dissolved and the appropriate, state-mandated time frame has passed for document safekeeping, it is time to dispose of your files. However, this process is not as simple as throwing a document in the trash or running it through a traditional shredder. These documents contain highly sensitive client information that must be safely destroyed. Rather than putting your information at risk, choose safe shredding services to protect confidential information! Get in touch with us today at Secure Shredding & Recycling for professional document shredding services in Louisiana.

What are the Rules for Document Disposal in Louisiana?Looking for the right law firm document shredding services around? We're here to help!

The Louisiana Attorney Disciplinary Board details the process of Safekeeping Property in Rule 1.15. Section A states that all records of funds and property should be safely preserved by a lawyer for five years following their representation. This is the only stipulation that a lawyer or law firm is held to. Once five years have passed, the firm should contact the past client for approval. If necessary, the firm may then send them any necessary document copies. Then, the law firm is cleared to dispose of the client files. 

When it comes time to destroy this sensitive information, what is the best method of execution? These records are filled with confidential information, including case details and personal information. And if you are destroying multiple records at once, you may have a large stack of files to run through the shredder. This process can be time-consuming, and if done improperly, can risk the chances of this information falling into the wrong hands. Get rid of the clutter and safely dispose of client files with professional law firm document shredding services in Louisiana!

Why Should You Schedule Law Firm Document Shredding in Louisiana?

Don’t settle for shredding documents by hand. Save time, efficiency, and security with professional shredding services! Secure Shredding takes care of your shredding needs with convenient mobile document shredding. We drive our shredding vehicle to your property. Gather your documents, bring them out to us, and we’ll take care while destroying your documents with secure cross-cutting. Then, we’ll transport the shreds to our facility for safe recycling. Whether you need a one-time shredding service or on-going assistance, we can ensure that your confidential information is securely disposed of.

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Leave your document destruction to the professionals at Secure Shredding & Recycling. Give us a call today at 225-751-8535 to schedule an appointment! Or, send us a message through our website with any questions. We would love to connect you with the right shredding service for your needs. As a certified member of the National Association of Information Destruction, we make sure that all legal and confidential information is safely and properly destroyed.

Secure Shredding serves many cities throughout Louisiana, including Baton Rouge, Lake Charles, Lafayette, and beyond. If you are searching for law firm document shredding services in Louisiana, let Secure Shredding provide you with solutions today! 

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