Could Your Nashville Company Benefit From a Shredding Service?

Learn how a Nashville shredding service could benefit your business.Is your business still shredding official documents in-house? Using a mechanical shredder may not be your safest means of destroying confidential documents. These store-bought shredders can come at the expense of time and efficiency. And, they can take a financial toll if your machinery needs repairs. Instead of spending more and risking the safety of your documents, why not ensure their safety with Secure Shredding? Here’s why your Nashville company should trade your shredder for a professional shredding service.

Professional Shredding Offers Greater Security

Businesses large and small can benefit from shredding services. Secure Shredding helps you destroy private, confidential documents. Without safe destruction, the information in these documents can be used against the company when in the wrong hands. Let our professionals dispose of credit card solicitations, mail with your name and address, signed documents, tax and banking records, and more. We do so while meeting HIPAA and government standards of privacy protection. And with our professional shredding services, your shredded documents are then brought to our secure facility to be recycled! Next, we destroy your documents through cross-cutting and provide you with a Certificate of Destruction for assurance that your documents have been safely shredded and recycled.

You Aren’t Limited to Paper Documents

Paper document shredding may be the first form of document destruction that comes to mind. But, our professional shredding services go further. Secure Shredding destroys both printed and cyber information. Simply erasing your information from a hard drive may not fully eliminate your digital footprint. Make sure that your private information is permanently removed with our hard drive destruction services! Easily and safely dispose of tapes, floppy disks, compact disks, and hard drives. This ensures that your confidential records and electronic information are secure. For major cities including New Orleans, Tampa, and more, Secure Shredding can offer the right shredding service for your company.

Our Nashville Shredding Service Saves You Time and Money

Those using in-house shredders may lose essential time with the shredding process. Depending on the expanse of documents, you must designate an employee to spend long periods shredding your information. Ultimately, this keeps them from attending to other important daily responsibilities. And don’t forget that regular shredding will call for regular maintenance. Paper jams or wear and tear on the machinery mean that you have costly repairs and a backup of documents to shred. So, why not simplify the process with easy, cost-efficient professional shredding?

For those in Nashville who are interested in a shredding service, learn more about our Shred Events! These events allow businesses to share this secure service with their community. Attendees bring their papers for safe destruction. If you would like to organize a Shred Event, contact us today to work out the plans.

Schedule Today With Secure Shredding

Whether your Nashville business needs a one-time shredding service or regularly scheduled shredding, Secure Shredding can ensure the destruction of your sensitive documents. Send us a message today to schedule an appointment or get answers to any questions you may have. Or, give us a call at 833-SHRED99/833-747-3399! Don’t risk a breach of your confidential information. Let Secure Shredding ensure your documents are quickly and safely disposed of.

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