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Secure Shredding & Recycling is a premier provider of document destruction services for individuals, businesses, nonprofit organizations, and government agencies.

Secure Shredding and Recycling Mobile Shredding Truck

Mobile Shredding

Our mobile shred truck visits your office. We shred while you watch.

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Secure Shredding and Recycling Off-site Shredding

Drop-Off Shredding

Drop off and pick-up service available for shredding at our Baton Rouge facility.

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Secure Shredding and Recycling Hard Drive Shredding

Hard Drive Destruction

Protect your digital information with our hard drive destruction service.

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About Us

We are a Baton Rouge, LA based company whose primary objective is to protect confidential information by shredding or destroying records.

We meet industry-specific standards such as HIPAA requirements and government standards. We participate in an annual community event, “Protect Your Identity Day,” sponsored by the Better Business Bureau. This event offers households the opportunity to bring your banking, legal, and other important documents to a specified location to be shredded while you watch and wait.

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What sets us apart from the competition is the Secure Shredding & Recycling process! Starting with a customer needs assessment, competitive bidding and award, and secure container delivery and installation, we can help to determine whether your organization would benefit best from a one-time purge service or a scheduled recurring service. Clients can choose between onsite or offsite services according to the specific needs of their organizations. After the shredding process is completed, all shredded paper is sent back to a mill for recycling, and customers can then leave a review of the services they received.

Secure Shredding & Recycling strives to do deliver the highest quality service to clients, which is why we go the extra mile to maintain our NAID AAA-certified status. All NAID-certified service providers are subject to regularly scheduled onsite audits by accredited security professionals as well as unannounced audits to ensure quality performance. Our clients can keep track of these audits via email subscription. Because a NAID certification is required by hundreds of government offices and thousands of private contracts, you can have confidence in the secure handling and destruction of your sensitive data when you choose Secure Shredding & Recycling.

We are a certified member of the National Association of Information Destruction.

NAID is dedicated to the information destruction industry and requires adherence to a strict code of conduct. Our AAA certification holds us to a stringent standard of hiring, training, and service practices. Secure Shredding & Recycling has achieved the highest level of certification in the document destruction and hard drive destruction industry.

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Customer Testimonials

Secure Shredding has and still is a very dependable and friendly company to work with. When I call I get results and they are willing to help in any way they can.  I will continue to utilitze this company for my shredding needs.  Thanks for all you do and for having such friendly and helpful employees.

Jeanine H. Green

I just wanted to let you know how happy we were with your company and especially Sean who came today to actually do the shredding.  He was very considerate that we were still running a business while getting this done.  The documents were upstairs..he didn't complain or indicate that that would be a problem.  I can't say enough good things about the job that was done.

Sue Freedman

I also wanted to take the time to tell you that Kyle and Matt were great to work with and made the process a breeze. They were very patient with our staff and with us and we enjoyed working with them. Again thank you and we look forward to working with your team.  

Cheri Lewis

Cody did good job for shredding on site building.

Akiko Hope

Thank ya’ll so much, Cody was so professional, kind and very efficient. It has been a pleasure doing business with you.


All done, and very professionally. Thanks again guys.  You just lifted a big weight off of my shoulders.

David Siegel

Brandon just picked up our paper to be shredded.  He is so very polite. It is a pleasure to have service people be so cordial.

Debbie Gustafson

Just a quick note to brag on Brandon who came to our Fort Polk VA clinic today to collect our shred supply.  He has a great positive attitude and really set a good mood of kindness today. Greeting us so politely as he came through and was a delight to start off our day. Just wanted to let someone know his kindness and good/positive mood is very appreciated today.

Linda R. Racca

Thanks so much for all that you and your staff do!

LaToya Belin

“We have used Secure Shredding for many years and find Jay and his crew very professional.”

Jim P.

We Are Locally Owned And Operated

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For your convenience, we have drop-off shredding available at our secure facility.

10338 Mammoth Ave. Baton Rouge, LA 70814

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