shredding service

There’s been a lot of talk about why a shredding service is a great investment for businesses. It cuts down on office clutter, reduces the risk of company information being compromised, and saves employees time that they’d otherwise have to spend hunched over a machine, shredding page by page. CEOs love it because of the ability to confidently say that their company is meeting each and every regulation for safe document disposal makes them look good to the shareholders.

Lets talk about how hiring a shredding service can benefit the most important people for your company – your customers – and increase your value in their eyes.

1. They Know Without A Shadow of Doubt Their Information is Safe

When you hire a shredding service, you’re telling your customers that you take the responsibility they’ve trusted you with seriously. Professional shredding can handle everything from papers to hard drives, which means that no matter how your company stores customer records, they’ll all be duly destroyed, with no possible chance of retrieval or reconstruction. In the case of scheduled shredding, discarded papers will be placed in secure consoles, meaning that no one, not even anyone in the company, will have the ability to poke through them. From start to finish, the information they trust to you will be safe, and that’s a service that really is priceless.

2. The Time and Money You Save is Time and Money They Save

You probably already know that booking a shredding service is a great economic decision, especially in terms of company productivity. What you might not realize is how this translates over to the customer side of things. When you, the company, have more time and energy to spend on your work, those savings pass directly on to the customer, because they don’t have to wait for the services you’re provide or pay more than they already do. Let’s say a customer is waiting on an end-of-quarter report. Because you’ve outsourced your shredding, you’re able to get it to them on time and for the same price you already offer. This saves them money and allows them to carry on with their own work without interruption.

3. Your Actions Reflect Well On Them

In the same way that a CEO gets to brag about the company adhering to rules, your customers get to brag about you to their friends, family, and co-workers – all of whom could very well become your customers too. They’ll also be able to feel more confident in their decision to work with you, like the choice they made suddenly became much more savvy, which will in turn make them feel smarter and wiser. They’re not doing business with any old company – no, they work with a group that’s forward-thinking, modernized, and serious about security. They’ll be able to walk away feeling good about themselves and their partnership with you, just because you decided to outsource to a shredding service. That’s a lot of payoff for very little effort!

4. They’re Guaranteed Compliance with Federal Laws

It’s rare that in-house shredders have the mechanical capability to shred according to industry standards, and rarer still that the people handling said machine have the proper training for sensitive documents. Shredding companies, by contrast, usually hold certification from several different organizations confirming their process for shredding follows federal regulations. Secure Shredding and Recycling, for example, is AAA Certified by the National Association of Information Destruction. If your customers are depending on you for an element of their own business, the fact that you use a certified shredding service means that they, too, benefit from the guarantee of compliance (even more so if you host an open-to-the-public shredding event).

5. They Become Environmentally Friendly and Responsible

After shredding, all those bits of paper need somewhere to go. A shredding service will see to it that each and every scrap of paper is securely transported to a facility for recycling. Not only is this great for the environment (2000lbs of recycled paper can save as many as 17 trees, according to the University of Southern Indiana), but it allows your customers, by extension, to also get a little greener. By trusting you with their business, they’re taking an active step to be more environmentally responsible – and that’s something they can take real pride in.

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