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Why DIY Shredding Isn’t Enough for Tax Documents

Businesses that handle tax documents know the importance of proper shredding. Accountant tax preparation services often handle countless documents with sensitive information for businesses, personal clientele, and large organizations. Without a professional shredding service, like those from Secure Shredding & Recycling in Orlando, this information can be compromised. It’s essential to choose a secure, professional…

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Secure Shredding & Recycling Acquires Dallas-Based Alliance Shredding

Secure Shredding & Recycling has acquired Alliance Shredding, a document destruction company serving Dallas and Northeast Texas. Alliance Shredding has handled the document and hard drive destruction needs of Texas businesses since 2008. These services have kept customers and their sensitive information safe while adhering to some of the highest security standards available.  Alliance Shredding…

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Why Data Destruction is Important for Your Company

In our digital age, most companies store data in some form or another. From customer information to financial documents, this data is essential to the operations of businesses. However, when that data is no longer needed, it’s vital to follow proper protocols for destroying it. That’s where data destruction comes in. Explore how essential data…

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Why Should You Use a Data Destruction Company?

In an age of rising cyberattacks, digital scams, and data breaches, the need for information protection is imperative. A loss of confidential information from paper documents and electronic media can lead to massive financial damage, identity theft, and the exposure of private company data. And if this breach includes client information, these damages can spread…

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Can You Trust a Corporate Shredding Company?

Regardless of the industry, all companies have confidential documents creating security threats the longer they go without proper disposal. Unfortunately, the process of securely disposing of documents can be tedious and time-consuming. Many companies cannot afford to spend valuable time on these tasks. Hiring a corporate shredding company can help alleviate this issue, but some…

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How a Shredding Company Near Clearwater Protects Law Offices

Law firms are notorious for keeping large quantities of documents on file. These papers house sensitive information regarding past clients and cases, complete with confidential legal and financial information. But when it comes time to discard these papers, it is not as simple as throwing the documents away. A shredding company near Clearwater can help…

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How a Business Shredding Company in Houston, TX Helps You

No one looks forward to the tedious process of shredding documents. Nevertheless, you should always try to avoid it. Neglecting the disposal of classified documents can put your company and clients at risk. Some industries even require businesses to follow strict destruction regulations by law. However, just because a business isn’t legally required to shred…

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Why Partner With a Bulk Shredding Company Near Biloxi?

It’s not uncommon to have a personal shredding machine in your office for the occasional file, bill, or note. For small shredding jobs, this can be a convenient option to help protect sensitive information. But what about companies with large quantities of documents like medical offices, law firms, and government businesses? This is where partnering…

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4 Steps of a Financial Shredding Company in Lakeland, FL

Do you worry about the security of your financial documents? Are they taking up too much space to safely store? Documents are only useful for a limited lifespan before a new document will take its place. However, the confidential information on these documents can always be a lingering security risk. A proper disposal process with…

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4 Facts You May Not Know About Our Paper Shredding Company in Slidell

Businesses of all sizes handle confidential information, from personal client records to company account numbers and more. It is your responsibility to protect this information and safely destroy all files and documents when they’re no longer needed. For businesses in Slidell who are in need of secure document destruction, a paper shredding company you can…

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