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Secure Containers

Keep Confidential Documents Safe Until Shredding Day

Secure Collection Containers

Secure Shredding & Recycling will provide you with various secure container options to safely store your files.

Our secure collection containers vary from office consoles to 96-gallon carts and can be placed throughout your work as needed.

These lockable containers are the perfect, worry-free solution for our on-going shredding customers.

Choose Secure Shredding & Recycling for secure disposal of your records.

We are the convenient and trustworthy option.

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Executive Console

Our locking consoles are a secure way to store sensitive paperwork in your office. Contact our staff to determine if this shredding console is the right fit for your business.

  • Stylish bin blends into any office environment
  • Generous-sized, tamper-proof paper slot for easy access
  • Lock-and-key system keeps files confidential

Capacity: 32 Gallons / 90-100lbs of paper
Dimensions: 36”H x 20”W x 16”D

Secure Shredding Console


The ShredVANTAGE is made with 100% recyclable materials, has the same capacity as a wood console and is easy to clean with a variety of cleansers. This container protects your documents as well as the environment, all while remaining aesthetically pleasing in any office environment.

  • Minimal office distruption
  • High securitty
  • Save the environment
  • Double engagement locking lid for added security
  • Less office interuptions with increased speed of servicing
  • Plastic construction for unmatched durability

Capacity: 32 Gallons / 90-100lbs of Paper
Dimensions: 29”H X 19”W X 15”D

Shredding Carts

For high-volume environments, Secure Shredding & Recycling offers a selection of larger collection bins. We offer 2 sizes of container: 64-gallons and our ultra-large, 96-gallon cart.

  • Ideal for file rooms, copy centers, and warehouses
  • Rugged, sturdy design
  • Wheels make relocation easy
  • Padlock security system
  • Easy-deposit access chute for paper

Capacity: 64 Gallon / 200-250lbs of paper
Dimensions: 42.375”H x 25.125”W x 29.5”D

Capacity: 96 Gallon / 300-350lbs of paper
Dimensions: 46.5”H x 25.95”W x 26.62”D

Shredding Carts


The Shredinator is a perfect under-the-desk solution for disposing of confidential documents.

  • Discrete and slim
  • Fully secure with tamper-proof key lock
  • Generous opening to accept file folders or stacks of pages
  • Under-the-desk design means it’s always within reach

Capacity: 32 Gallons / 60-70lbs of Paper
Dimensions: 30”H x 11”W x 20”D


Your documents will stay protected!

All documents requiring secure destruction can easily be disposed of in our secure collection containers, where they will remain protected and untouched until your predetermined service date arrives.

These complimentary containers are entirely lockable and designed to store your confidential documents prior to shredding.

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Benefit from increased security with no loss in efficiency.

Don’t waste time trying to keep documents organized and secure; we offer collection containers exactly for this purpose. Regardless of the size or shredding needs of your business, if you find yourself with stacks of old documents piling up around your office or tossed in recycling bins, our on-going shredding service and secure collection containers are the solution you’ve been looking for.

Document Shredding Process

  • Our mobile shred truck will arrive at the time and location that was previously specified
  • A uniformed representative will greet you and ask where the bins of documents are situated so they can be collected immediately for shredding
  • All consoles and containers will be emptied into another secure shred bin and moved outside to the truck
  • The bin is then loaded on to the truck, our staff member will operate the shredder controls and the shredding will occur in mere minutes where you’re more than welcome to watch
  • Once the destruction process is finalized, we’ll present you with documented proof; a Certificate of Destruction will be provided to you and the shredded material will be brought back to our facility for proper disposal

We are a certified member of the National Association of Information Destruction.

Secure Shredding & Recycling has achieved the highest level of certification in the document destruction and hard drive destruction industry. NAID is a leader in information destruction and requires adherence to a strict code of conduct. Our AAA certification confirms our dedication to a stringent standard of hiring, training, and service practices.

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