Businesses that handle tax documents know the importance of proper shredding. Accountant tax preparation services often handle countless documents with sensitive information for businesses, personal clientele, and large organizations. Without a professional shredding service, like those from Secure Shredding & Recycling in Orlando, this information can be compromised.

A shredding service from our Orlando company can help protect confidential documents during tax season.

It’s essential to choose a secure, professional shredding service to ensure that all sensitive information remains confidential. DIY shredding isn’t enough when it comes to properly disposing of tax documents. Using an in-office shredder doesn’t provide adequate security or compliance with legal standards. And, this can cost you a significant amount of time, depending on the number of documents you have to destroy. Professional shredding, however, provides a reliable option for document disposal.  

Learn how a professional document shredding service can protect your Orlando business during tax season.

What Documents Should You Keep, and for How Long?

Small businesses, large corporations, accounting firms, and non-profit organizations can benefit from tax document shredding services. These companies house information ranging from donor information and bank statements to employee records and tax returns. But before shredding these documents, it’s important to follow the right timeframe for document destruction.

Generally speaking, businesses should keep their tax return documentation for three years after filing. This includes any documents used in preparing a business’ tax returns. Due to tax audits, personal security, and legal compliance, you may need to access this information again in the future. But, how long should you keep these documents on file? Here are a few practices to follow.

After the appropriate time for retaining your documents, reach out to the professionals at Secure Shredding & Recycling. We can set up the right shredding service for your needs in Orlando.

The Importance of Hard Drive Destruction 

When it comes to document destruction during tax season, hard drive destruction is just as important as paper document shredding. Many businesses store sensitive information on computers and external hard drives—including information related to taxes. So, it’s essential that these hard drives are securely wiped or destroyed before being discarded. 

Professional data destruction services ensure that all digitally-stored information is permanently erased. This removes the risk of a breach or identity theft. Simply discarding hard drives containing confidential information about your business or clients can lead to potential harm to your company. At Secure Shredding & Recycling, we dispose of all parts utilizing ethical, environmentally friendly practices.

Professional Shredding for Businesses

Secure Shredding & Recycling offers a variety of shredding services for your tax document shredding needs. For businesses that only need professional shredding during tax season, our one-time shredding service may be just what you need. We can stop by your office to pick up your tax documents and safely transport them to our facility. There, we will shred each piece using cross-cut technology to ensure thorough destruction. Or, we can bring our mobile shredding truck to your business so you can watch the shredding process in person!

If you have a regular need for document destruction, choose our on-going shredding services. We will work with you to set the perfect schedule for your shredding appointments. Then, we can deliver secure shredding containers for you to use with your company. These containers, available in a range of sizes, allow you to throw your documents away in safe, lockable bins. On the day of your shredding appointment, we will gather these containers and empty them into our mobile shredding truck. Or, we will transport your papers to our secure facility.

Are you on the fence about what shredding services to choose from our Orlando document destruction company? We’d be more than happy to discuss your needs! We can help you determine the appropriate frequency for your needs.

Choose a Professional Tax Document Shredding Service in Orlando

Tax season can be an especially busy time for many businesses. This may lead to overlooking important responsibilities such as securely disposing of old documents and hard drives. Don’t let your business fall victim to data breaches! Professional document shredding services provide thorough, compliant document destruction. With services you can trust, you don’t have to worry about being fined or sued over improper document disposal practices. 

At Secure Shredding & Recycling, we destroy documents following the highest level of compliance. We understand laws governing tax documents such as the Fair and Accurate Credit Transaction Act (FACTA), the Grahm-Leach Bliley Act (GLBA), and the Sarbanes-Oxley Act (SOX). And, we are proud to hold a certification from the National Association for Information Destruction. Our clients can rest assured that we handle your sensitive information with the utmost care. Once your shredding service is complete, we will provide you with a certificate for your records. 

Are you ready to save time, money, and security with professional tax document shredding? To schedule your shredding service in Orlando, send us a message for more information.