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Is Your Business Shredding the Right Documents?

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For several organizations, turning to document shredding has become an important aspect of internal document security, improving day-to-day operations at the same time. This is particularly the case because there has recently been a mass realization that information security is truly vital to emphasize, and that for many businesses there are even legal responsibilities to protect certain forms of information.  With that said, knowing how to begin outsourcing your shredding needs is just one component of the solution; the other part is in knowing exactly what items you should be destroying safely.

In a lot of situations this may be clear, but there are also several non-obvious documents that should be shred both at home and in a workplace environment. It’s easy to miss certain documents that contain sensitive information when it’s time to have those documents shred. Here are some of those not-so-obvious documents that you shouldn’t miss when compiling your documents for shredding purposes. Always have them shred professionally and not tossed in a recycling or garbage bin, where they are susceptible to theft.


Veterinarian Invoices

Aside from featuring contact and payment information, veterinarian invoices could be a red flag for those who use pet names for passwords (something which studies show is one of the worst choices for a password).  Be sure your invoices are protected and refrain from using pet names in your passwords! They are easy to guess and provide little security.



If you stop and consider all the juicy details in any given resume, you’ll realize they contain a ton of personal information. Unfortunately many individuals continue to pass out resumes without a second through, but it is wise to really take the time to ensure those who are receiving your resume are trusted sources you can have confidence in. If they were to lose or even toss your resume in the trash following receiving it, you could be in trouble.


Luggage Tags

Expired baggage tags can include identification that links you to a boarding pass or flight reference number. Yes, they can be a gateway for a hacker to use in an effort to obtain further information, so they can be dangerous.  Always shred these seemingly harmless tags; most importantly keep them out of the recycling bin!


Boarding Passes

Your boarding pass provides travel details including destination information, all of which can be attractive to a criminal looking to steal your identity or seek out further information about you. Like luggage tags, they can offer a gateway to other facts about you.

Remember that while these documents may be less obvious to shred, there are lots more that probably warrant secure destruction. Here’s some general advice as to which documents could be included in this list:

  • ABM & ATM receipts
  • Passports and ID cards
  • Legal documents
  • Tax returns
  • Utility & household bills
  • Canceled and voided checks
  • Credit card statements and applications


A Reputable Shredding Company You Can Depend On

We are a NAID AAA certified member of NAID, meaning our shredding services reflect the highest industry standards, following a strict code of conduct. Secure Shredding & Recycling provides shredding services that are reliable, flexible and cost-effective. Whether you require shredding for electronic devices and data, or just for your documents, we have the resources and team to perform it all, on time every time.

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