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6 Reasons to Work With a Financial Shredding Company

With data breaches and identity theft becoming increasingly common, safeguarding sensitive information is more important than ever. This is especially true for financial documents that store personal bank account information, company budgets, expense reports, payroll, and more. This is where the services of a professional financial shredding company in Tampa can protect your business.  Secure…

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Understanding the Various Methods of Hard Drive Destruction

Businesses store a vast amount of sensitive data on hard drives. But when it comes to disposing of these devices, they must be thoroughly destroyed to protect against data breaches and identity theft. However, not all destruction methods can ensure the lasting protection of your confidential data. Start by exploring four methods of hard drive…

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How Can a Law Firm Benefit from Document Shredding?

When you keep important documents in your law offices, it is crucial you keep them safe from prying hands and wandering eyes. Business information, client financial accounts, and confidential information can be leaked, putting your clients or your reputation in jeopardy. And, it’s equally important to take the right safety measures when destroying these documents….

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