How a Shredding Company Improves Your Business

If you haven’t made the switch to digital documentation yet, you may have stacks on stacks of paper documents cluttering your office. Even if you scan your documents for digital use, the remaining papers contain sensitive information that cannot simply be thrown into the trash. Increase your office space, enhance your security, and protect your confidential information with our shredding company near Beaumont! With Secure Shredding & Recycling, you can quickly, easily, and efficiently dispose of your professional documents. Our specialists are certified by the National Association of Information Destruction, so you can trust your paperwork will be shredded following the highest standards of document destruction. And by outsourcing your shredding, you can improve your company by saving time, space, and the risk of leaking private information. 

How a Shredding Company Improves Your Beaumont Business

1. Our Shredding Company Saves You Time

Securely disposing of documents is not always a quick and easy process. When performed in-house by a member of your team, it can take much-needed time away from the workday. Shredding a high volume of paperwork can also take more than just a few days. It can take weeks and even months to securely shred each document. And that also is affected by the quality of your equipment, as you will lose even more time if your machine breaks or overheats. That only succeeds in wasting time and money in the long run. With the aid of a professional shredding company, your Beaumont business can save time and efficiency with bulk shredding.

2. Shredding Documents Gives You More Office Space

Think about the process of storing hard-copy documents. You may have walls lined with filing cabinets. Or, you may have stacks of boxes filled with folders of forms, records, and personal information. Not only is this a liability, but it also takes up valuable space in your office. By moving important documentation into digital files and shredding the hard copies, you can help to shed the weight of unnecessary bulk. And, you’ll have an easier time organizing your information in digital formats, too.

3. Safe Document Disposal Protects Against Security Breaches

When it comes time to dispose of old documents, it’s unwise to simply throw them away. Your documents may hold sensitive information like addresses, social security numbers, and more. Throwing away your in-tact document leaves it vulnerable to falling into the wrong hands. At Secure Shredding & Recycling, we crosscut documents to ensure that all papers are destroyed. Then, we bring the shredded documents back to our facility for recycling and present you with a certificate of completion. We ensure that your documents are thoroughly and safely disposed of so that all private information remains secure.

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