Why The Perfect Gift This Year is Document Shredding

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The past year has been a little different than the years that preceded it, and as a result, many businesses have changed the way they work. Residences have likely seen much more day-to-day use than usual. As a result, the shift has helped redefine what we value and what we use on a daily basis. Our personally identifiable information (PII) is what we use for online shopping, for mailing bills and invoices, and how we keep in contact with our friends and family.

Unfortunately, PII is also usually responsible for identity theft, account takeovers, and fraud. A thief needs little more than your name and address to begin causing trouble, and both of those are readily available on most pieces of junk mail. Up to 42% of Americans made the switch to working from home at some point this past year, and many are still trying to coordinate with their employers to establish safe methods for information management.

Today, we’re going to explain why the best gift this holiday season is one Santa can’t fit in his toy sack, and why it’s not only a great gift for someone else but a way to treat yourself, too.

Ideal for Both Home and Office

Document shredding is a service typically associated with bustling offices, but it can be just as useful for the average homeowner. The reason document destruction is so valuable is that it keeps confidential information out of the public trash. In many states, once something is left in a trash can for collection, the law regarding who can legally collect it becomes muddled. A document shredding service not only prevents that sensitive information from ever entering the public trash system but additionally processes it in such a way so as to prevent reconstruction.

It’s a great way for businesses to maintain compliance within the regulations set by their specific industry (such as finance, health, education, or other areas in which there are state or federal laws pertaining to the management of PII), but it’s also a way for homeowners to prevent their information from being stolen. A greeting card from a loved one may contain a pet name, birthdate, or the location of a hometown – all of which are frequently used to verify one’s identity for online accounts. Shredding these items eliminates the possibility that they could be misused, and that’s peace of mind that will last the rest of the year.

Actually Saves Money

The danger of do-it-yourself document destruction is that, even with the best of intentions, it’s usually not done correctly, and thus makes the entire expenditure of time and resources useless. Companies are particularly at risk to make this mistake since the idea of shredding in-house seems logical at first glance. However, once you factor in the cost of new equipment, the time required to remove staples and other obstructions from the papers, and the cost of employee time, it quickly becomes more expensive than it would be to outsource to a professional document shredding company.

A scheduled shredding service, for example, comes complete with locking shred bins, regular shredding appointments, and document destruction guaranteed to be in full compliance with the latest privacy laws. The process is so well-refined, employees won’t even have to pause their day (unless, of course, they wish to observe the document destruction firsthand). And all of this is included for a fraction of the cost of doing it yourself – how’s that for a thrifty gift?

Never the Wrong Fit or Time

No matter whether you’re buying something for yourself or for someone else, there’s always the risk that it’ll be the wrong size, or that they won’t be able to use it, or that a surprise event will be scheduled on the wrong day. With document shredding, there’s no such worry.

Literally everyone, regardless of their occupation or location, can benefit from the security and peace of mind that document destruction provides. The range of services is varied enough to suit any quantity of papers to be shredded – there’s even a drop-off shredding option for only a few boxes of documents – and the possibilities don’t end with old files. Hard drive destruction is another form of document shredding, designed to protect digital data from theft or recovery after it’s discarded.

You never have to double-check your calendar, either, since you (or the recipient) are the one who will set the precise time and location of the service. Whatever is convenient for you will be convenient for the mobile shredding service.

Document Destruction from Secure Shredding & Recycling

This year, think beyond giving gifts like socks or ties. Document shredding is a present that keeps on giving throughout the year, and it’s adaptable to anyone on your gift list – including yourself. Give your company a boost for the new year, or treat a loved one to the confidence and serenity that comes from knowing their information is 100% safe and secure.

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